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From Challenging Condescending Tolerance to the Downside of Breaking Rules

 - Feb 29, 2016
These talks about respect and the value of showing admiration for someone based on their personal qualities or achievements. This goes beyond simply tolerating someone or their believes and is an important virtue in the business world.

In an innovative keynote about servant leadership, serial entrepreneur Ian Fuhr explains why he believes in serving his employees. The speech encourages people to appreciate people's differences in a business setting, and just in general.

In an inspiring speech about accepting others, Caitlyn Jenner discusses challenges in the LGBT community and especially struggles transgender people face. The Olympic athlete and reality television star advocates for rights, increased education and learning as much as possible about other people.

Comedian and musician Tim Minchin shares life lessons in a profound graduation speech. He talks about respect in terms of how to treat those less powerful than yourself and chalking things up to luck.