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From Efficient Usages of Comedy to Style and Substance in Branding

 - Jan 12, 2015
While there is no shortage of serious and educational speeches out there, these talks about having fun demonstrate you can have important and innovative ideas while also lightening up.

Comedian and late night television host Jimmy Kimmel discusses humor in the face of adversity in his ULV commencement speech. In addition to using a sense of humor and fun to get you through difficult times, the TV personality also emphasizes the importance of seeing things through. In his speech on climate change, Gifford Pinchot III talks about having fun with sustainability. The author says people need to feel a part of the solution and enjoy getting involved. In one of many business-related talks about having fun, Max Gouchan's entrepreneurship talk offers lessons for young entrepreneurs and asserts the workplace should be a fun place.

This collection of presentations show the importance of play and humor in daily life, through challenges and in all realms from business to improvisational drama.