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The Dave Morris Improvisation Keynote is Quirky and Useful

 - Oct 18, 2012
References: davemorrisisa & youtube
The Dave Morris improvisation keynote shows you how to make the best of yourself in any situation. Morris believes that the skills he uses in improvisation transfer entirely to the skills that he uses in his day-to-day life. He gives seven steps on how to improvise, that can work to benefit many aspects of a person's life like in a social circle or even a business atmosphere.

First is play, you should be able to engage with something just because you like it. Second, let yourself fail and be okay with it. Third, you must listen and be willing to change. Fourth, say "yes" because a series of incidents of saying yes will take you somewhere. Fifth, say "and" on top of "yes," so that you're always adding something to the conversation or the idea. Sixth, is play the game, follow what you need to do but add something to it. Lastly is to relax and have fun because you'll have a much more enjoyable life.

This is a fun keynote that's beneficial and is sure to come in handy in many different situations.