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In Honor of the Supreme Court DOMA Ruling as Unconstitutional

 - Jun 27, 2013
This collection of speeches was curated in light of the very recent and monumental Supreme Court DOMA ruling, deeming the marriage act as unconstitutional. While same-sex marriage is still illegal in a majority of the country's states, the court's decisions hugely advances the efforts to make it legal across the entire nation. These speeches reflect the efforts by many individuals and organizations to ensure those rights are delivered.

The powerful speech by Hillary Clinton defends gay rights as human rights. She articulately dissects existing arguments against providing universal human rights to members of the LGBT community, demonstrating how the UN is not effectively protecting people all over the world.

Joel Burns' keynote discusses the need to put an end to anti-gay bullying in schools. His talk reveals his growing concern for the increase in suicides related to the bullying of gay children and teenagers.

The recent Supreme Court DOMA ruling is a massively positive step into providing citizens of the United States equal rights.