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From Consumers as the Message to Effective Prospecting Models

 - Jan 31, 2014
New strategies for sales are constantly being introduced by different people across a variety of industries. While some rely on psychology and human behavior to close a deal, others believe the secret to increased in sales is all about making the customer feel special. has featured dozens of speeches focusing on sales but this collection showcases some of the newest ideas and concepts.

Jordan Belfort, the man behind 'The Wolf of Wall Street,' shares his tips for effective prospecting in a series of seminars. He suggests weeding out the individuals as possible clients who are interested in a product, but who really do not need it.

Michael Lazerow sees consumers as the solution to increased sales because their word carries more value than that of a brand or company. The cold, hard truth is that people trust other people and will take their opinions and reviews to heart on services and products.

Daniel Pink believes in the power of identifying and anticipating problems before they arise and this will create a fully prepared sales team.

These strategies for sales cover a wide range of areas and will serve as valuable tools for teams everywhere.