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From Corporate Addiction to Risk

 - Feb 7, 2014
The economic challenges and obstacles faced by the entire world are addressed in these speeches on the global economy. Discussing issues such as globalization, collaboration and the planet's natural resources, these speeches offer insights, different perspectives and various solutions.

Jennifer Granholm believes that the solution for struggling economies, such as the American one, is to create opportunities in the green sector. She believes that creating a competition between the states to create the most energy will open up infinite doors of employment, resources and profit.

Jeff Rubin's speech is much less optimistic as he gives a quick breakdown of what the world and global economy will look like once natural resources such as oil become closer to depletion. Oil prices will sky rocket (making today's prices seem small) and businesses will come to an abrupt halt. The global economy and trade will shut down if products and goods cannot be moved. He urges today's leaders to set up methods and practices that ensure conservation and preservation of the world's resources.

These speeches on the global economy present shocking statistics that truly reflect the urgency of creating sustainable business practices for the whole world.