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Daniel Altman Discusses the Coming Trend of Inbetween Occupations

 - Mar 30, 2012
References: danielaltman & youtube
Daniel Altman joined the New York Times editorial board, frequently writing economic commentary for the business section. His international experience with business strategy and economics gives him an advantage as a public thinker. This speech outlines his opinions on the newly acquired importance of the middleman of business.

With the burst of globalization, the middleman effort is key in the effort of creating international business. Lawyers, translators and the like play pivotal roles in the global economy. Now, globalization is not just the spread of product, idea, money or even people. People of the wide reach of businesses and corporations are relying more and more on the middleman. Lawyers and translators are relied upon for exchanges between nations which differ in languages. Businesses can no longer rely on the concrete image of the USD, and must involve experts to ensure fair and safe business practices.