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From Positive Stress Perspectives to Getting Rid of Negativity

 - Oct 4, 2013
Dealing with stressful situations on a professional and personal level is something we encounter almost every day, but these speeches on stress aim to relieve some of that tension by offering coping mechanisms, solutions and new perspectives.

The speech by Graham Hill explains how "editing" your space by getting rid of objects you don't need is a simple way to rid yourself of stress. According to Hill, Americans have three times the amount of space than anyone else on the planet, yet they're still struggling to find enough. He believes that ridding yourself of physical objects that you don't need will create more freedom.

Matthew Sweeney believes that effective stress management happens when we listen to and respect our bodies. The human body needs a healthy diet, regular exercise and it needs to take a break if it is feeling overworked. He reminds his audience that a healthy body and healthy mind is able to perform better at work.

The most interesting speech comes from Kelly McGonigal. She suggests that the way stress affects one's body is linked to the how a person views stress. The more negatively someone views stress, the greater threats it poses to their body. On the flip side, if someone perceives stress as stimulation, their well-being can actually benefit.

Dealing with stressful situations can be extremely overwhelming, but the advice and tips offered in these speeches on stress offer a variety of solutions.