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From Results-Only Work Environments to Ensuring Productivity

 - Apr 4, 2013
This collection of speeches on management was inspired by Marcus Buckingham's definition of leaders and managers in the keynote 'The Opposite of Leadership.' Buckingham defines a manager as the member of a team who ensures projects are completed on time and everyone is being productive. These curated speeches reflect the different facets of management.

Jason Fried's keynote on office time management offers three solutions for an unproductive team; managers should implement one day or afternoon a month where talking is prohibited; communication throughout an office should occur only e-mail or instant messaging; and lastly, for managers to cancel their next meeting. By doing these three things, employees will encounter less involuntary distractions and interruptions, giving them more time to get work done.

Simon Hayward stresses collective and cohesive motivation in his keynote on how to prevent team failure. He describes the manager as responsible for defining a team's goal and ensuring it is achieved.

From how to hire the right employees to how to fire them, these speeches on management offer practical and useful tools to use in the workplace today.