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Jason Fried Presents An Alternate Method for Getting Things Done At Work

 - Jan 10, 2012
References: youtube
During his speech 'Why Work Doesn't Happen at Work' Jason Fried shares his unusual theory on productivity in the office. This office time management speech pinpoints managers and meetings as the reason behind unproductive work days that plague offices all over the world. Drawing parallels between sleep and work, Jason explains that productive and meaningful work can only get done in an environment that is interruption-free. From meetings to co-worker conversations, employees are constantly being interrupted.

His office time management speech offers three solutions; managers should implement one day or afternoon a month where talking is prohibited; communication throughout an office should occur only e-mail or instant messaging; and lastly, for managers to cancel their next meeting. By doing these three things, employees will encounter less involuntary distractions and interruptions, giving them more time to get work done.