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From Unconventional Creativity to Pursuing the Arts

 - Feb 7, 2014
Exploring a variety of different artistic endeavors, these speeches about art provide insight into the artistic process, inspiration for different artworks and the ways art can have an impact on both the world and the individual. Many of these speeches actually feature performance and live art, creating a unique experience for viewers.

Young-ha Kim's speech is truly engaging as he proclaims that everyone is born an artist. He suggest that the moment a child tells a fib, he or she is beginning their role as a storyteller. His speech also touches on how the artist within all of us is usually chased away to pursue a more worthwhile and sustainable endeavor, which Kim believes has a negative impact on the soul and one's happiness.

The Janet Echelman keynote explores the ways random materials and everyday artifacts can inspire one to create something truly captivating and mesmerizing. She built a career out fish nets and is now being sought out by architecture firms to borrow her concepts and methods for the actual structure of different buildings.

Shantell Martin argues that in order for an individual to reach their full creativity potential, they need to listen to their feelings and spend time contemplating over them. Being in touch with how you feel can spark a wide variety of creativity.

What is important to take away from these speeches about art is that art can have a huge impact on releasing energy, emotions and feelings for someone and can serve as a window of new opportunities.