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From Electric Building Blocks to Non-Invasive Surgery

 - Apr 18, 2013
This collection of speeches on revolutionary technology proves that Apple is not the only company out there capable of producing groundbreaking and highly advanced products. Featured here are a number of product unveiling keynotes from BlackBerry, Nokia and Google, as well as top innovators from the health sector.

Sergey Brin's exciting and impromptu unveiling of Google Glass not only describes the product in full, but also explores the many ways it will transform everyday living for those who incorporate the device into their lifestyles. Google Glass enables its users to truly enjoy living and to never miss a moment again.

Also featured here is the technology innovation keynote by John Graham-Cumming who discusses the world's first ever computer. He reveals early on in his speech that reveals that while the majority of students who study computer science think that the first computer was created in the 1930s, it was actually created in the 1830s by a man named Charles Babbage, but the final prototype was never finished.

All of these speeches on revolutionary technology demonstrate just how far it has come in terms of innovation, design and function.