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From Agile Education Systems to Making Schools Less Boring

 - Mar 7, 2013
This collection of speeches on progressive education demonstrates why traditional and linear schooling is creating a roadblock to the development of the minds of youth. The notion that a private education system can create better results is argued against by Sir Ken Robinson and Sugata Mitra. Mitra believes that the formal structure of a classroom isn't required for children to learn. Through conducting experiments, he discovered that groups of children can actually can learn independently, without the interference of a teacher.

Cameron Herold suggests that there should be an emphasis on teaching entrepreneurial skills in the classroom. Arguing that not every student is destined for a traditional career path in law or accounting, he believes children need to understand how to actualize their ideas.

These keynotes on progressive education offer new ways to approach learning and encourage a new type of open-mindedness for modern schooling.