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From Spreading Science Literacy to Behavioural-Based Design

 - Jul 26, 2014
These presentations on science cover plenty of the ground on the topic. Hearing from scientists, researchers, philosophers and business experts, these talks share the common theme that science can permeate a seemingly unrelated industry or topic and have a huge impact. Many of these speeches connect science with things like business, the economy, happiness and wealth.

The speech by Mae Jemison is extremely insightful as it recognizes the inevitable co-existence between science and the arts. She believes that education needs to implement a marriage of the two subjects. Instead of teaching them separately, the subjects, in her opinion, should be taught together.

Juan Enriquez talks about the ways science can be applied to the economy, in particular America's financial crisis. He argues that the economy, like science, should be able to "reboot itself" similar to the ways plants, animals and eco-systems do, to create new jobs in technology. Once technology evolves more -- like science -- the economy will provide the reboot society needs.

Also included in these presentations on science is a speech by Nicolaj Siggelkow who supports the idea of applying the scientific method to any new business idea. Instead of exclusively crunching numbers, businesses need to come up with a hypothesis and base any number or design-related tests around that.

These presentations on science offer unusual but thought-provoking perspectives on the ways science affects all walks of life.