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From the Start-Up of You to Evolving Technologies

 - Jun 20, 2014
This collection of speeches focuses on personal branding tips. A common theme throughout each of the speeches is that as the importance of personal branding increases, it has the potential to become even more influential and powerful than corporate branding -- if it hasn't already.

The talk by Howard Bragman argues that everyone -- regardless of how much time spent in the public eye -- needs to maintain a sterling image. While he does recognize that it can be hard to entirely control one's image, people can certainly take steps to successfully manage it. His speech emphasizes the influence one's personal brand and image has on one's overall success.

David Rose explains how one individual can build an online personal brand more powerful than dozens of brands that already exist. Rose believes that personal online brands will soon be replacing companies.

Juan Enriquez warns that personal branding can be as temporary as a tattoo, and for this reason, it is imperative to be conscious of what is being posted to your accounts -- not just by you, but by your peers, friends and family as well.

These personal branding tips are not only helpful for budding entrepreneurs, but for anyone who is active online.