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From Motivation Over Manipulation to Raising Your Standards

 - Jun 21, 2013
Tips for overcoming adversity and strategies for reaching personal and professional goals are discussed in this collection of motivational speeches. These keynotes showcase a number of truly inspiring stories of adversity, resistance and persistence.

World-renowned motivational speaker and life coach Anthony Robbins has helped turn around the lives of millions of people through his motivating speeches. He provides step-by-step strategies and processes for identifying the changes people want to make in their lives and how to get there.

The motivational speeches by Aimee Mullins share the model and athlete's story of adjusting to life with prosthetic legs. She believes that the majority of adversity in life is rooted in the negative connotations associated with particular circumstances or words. The word "cripple" doesn't need to be interpreted or viewed negatively. Once people remove these associations created by society, they will be better able to thrive and be happy.

These motivational speeches provide insightful advice and helpful tips for achieving success and happiness both in one's personal and professional life.