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From Being Less Self-Critical to Widening One's Perspective

 - Jan 10, 2014
With a new year, comes new goals, and these strategies for maintaining positivity aim to help people stay enthusiastic and positive throughout their endeavors. Setbacks and road bumps are often always met with new goals but it is important to have the right mindset to power through whatever happens. As these speakers share, a positive can be the ultimate factor in success and happiness.

The speech by Srikumar Rao presents suggests people should treat life's endeavors as adventures. In doing so, people can seek to remember them as positive experiences.

Willie Jolley believes that ownership of actions and a positive attitude go hand in hand. He views failure or setbacks as opportunities to try something new or take a different approach.

Karthik Kanagasabapathy believes that an enthusiastic attitude and an understanding that competition can help people reach their potential are the two secrets to success. In order to master something, one must be enthusiastic about it. Ignoring the expectations is also key.

These maintaining positivity speeches are the perfect tools for reaching goals.