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From Enhancing Browser Features to Being Successful on Purpose

 - Jan 22, 2015
This collection of lectures about programming all mention the computer process that uses code to turn formulas into executable programs. In the digital age being able to write code is becoming an increasingly marketable and even treasured skill.

Marina Bers discusses teaching coding early in her programming presentation and positions code as the new literacy. App developer and entrepreneur Carrie Green demonstrates the success young people can have when they are educated in tech subjects. In her positive thinking talk she discusses being successful on purpose. This is also evidenced by Jason Fried's employee talk on important traits to look for when hiring a computer programmer. In one of many lectures about programming, Sam Dutton's presentation on mobile video explains practical video formatting in a very direct application of this kind of technology.

Computer programming will only be an increasingly employable skill and something parents should consider for their children sooner rather than later.