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These Leadership Presentations Provide Alternative Narratives and Ideas

 - Jul 31, 2013
These leadership presentations offer an extensive and varied discussion on the topic. Hearing from professionals, leaders and experts, nearly every aspect of leadership is examined and explored. Everything from the different types of leaders, the difference between leaders and managers as well as modern interpretations is featured here.

It is fascinating to hear from such a diverse group of people who interpret leadership so differently. Marcus Buckingham believes that leaders are responsible for inspiring, motivating and encouraging members of their team. Leaders are responsible for the growth of their employees as opposed to ensuring that deadlines are met.

Andrew Ross Sorkin's speech identifies two types of leaders: those who are visionaries and those who are not. Those who are not visionaries are typically very adept when it comes to managing people. His opinion is that these two types of leaders rely on one another to accomplish tasks and to see projects through to the end.

Innovation keynote speaker Jeremy Gutsche sees leaders as the individuals on a team who are responsible to taking chances and for encouraging employees to step out of their comfort zones and to take their roles to the next level.

Whatever your leadership style, these leadership presentations offer insight and practical takeaways that can be used in one's personal and professional endeavors.