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From Combating Cybersecurity to the Threat of Online Privacy

 - Apr 18, 2014
Internet safety is an issue felt at a micro and macro level. Individuals are constantly displaying hesitation in sharing personal information, whereas many governments are completely ill-equipped to protect their citizens. These speeches introduce the types of online crimes that can be committed, how best to protect yourself and what this new era means for one's safety and privacy.

The talk by Mikko Hypponen reveals that today, an individual is more likely to fall victim to an online crime than a physical crime. The protection against such crimes is troublesome, because there is no one to truly and genuinely defend the masses. While it should be the responsibility of the government, these organizations are too preoccupied with controlling their citizens.

The keynote by Avi Rubin introduces the idea that hackers are creating more sophisticated devices than the people designing software intended to protect them. His main point is for people to behave more cautiously when integrating a new device or new software into their lives.

Internet safety is not something that can be achieved over night. As Rod Beckstrom notes in his speech on Internet safety, it will take a collective, international effort to ensure the world wide web remains a democratic space.