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From Google's Innovative Culture to Important Employee Traits

 - May 15, 2014
Managers of big businesses and small businesses are always looking for the most effective and promising hiring practices. As the landscape of traditional employment continues to transform, hiring the right people has become more and more of a challenge. These speeches offer tips to apply in a variety of business settings, no matter how big or small a team.

Google is globally recognized as one of the most successful organizations in the modern world, so one would naturally be curious when it comes to their hiring practices. According to the speech by Lars Bratsberg, it is imperative to hire someone who shares and understands the company's primary vision. Google is also known for hiring the best candidate at any point -- regardless of whether or not the company was looking for a new hire.

The hiring practices implemented by online publishing guru Jane Pratt are centered on people's personalities. Pratt believes in only hiring eccentric, complicated and truly different people. A company's success depends on the perspectives fueling it -- and they cannot all be the same.

Entrepreneur Guy Kawasaki draws a connection in success between "A players." Kawasaki argues that "A players only hire A players." Businesses looking to succeed should never settle on a new hire.

It is interesting to see how many of these hiring practices differ so dramatically from those in the past.