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From Finding Clarity and Purpose to Cultures of Collaboration

 - May 5, 2012
In business today, the rate at which a brand or a company succeeds and innovates often relies on its team's cohesiveness and goal-driven tactics. As demonstrated by Jeremy Gutsche in his keynote, some of the most lucrative businesses in history achieved success by reevaluating methods and strategies after experiencing a crisis or setback. Suffering from a recession or breakdown often forces companies to come together and set specific goals, potentially having to adjust priorities.

Featuring a variety of professionals, experts and specialists from various industries, this collection of videos offers different tips and strategies for setting specific goals, building a cohesive team and developing an innovative culture.

From the importance of urgency to finding clarity and purpose and ways a team can benefit from and readjust after a crisis, these speakers highlight the imperative role a set of goals plays in a team's success. Having clearly defined goals that are backed by an entire team provide employees purpose, drive and motivation.