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From Canceling Food Hunger to the Truth About Food Shortages

 - May 2, 2014
The global food crisis continues to affect people in every corner of the world -- as it has for decades -- but the world's brightest leaders are still searching for the true solution. This collection of speeches highlights the efforts of various people to solve the food crisis as well as a sample of politicians sharing their thoughts on the matter and what it will take to find a solution.

The speech by Tristram Stuart contains some of the most informative content on the topic. As someone who was motivated to waste less food since the age of 15, he dedicated his life to research and activism. What he found was highly contradictory to popular belief; while most would assume that the world's food short is due to an insufficient amount of food, it is in fact the reverse. There is more than enough food to feed the entire global population, but Western countries are wasting it at astonishing rates. Americans wasted four times the amount of food they actually require to stay healthily fed.

The talk by Prince Charles recognizes similar issues regarding the food crisis and hopes global leaders can establish sustainable systems now to prepare for the future.

These food crisis talks paint a rather daunting picture, but the solutions offered by the speakers do provide hope.