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These Speeches Explore Happiness, Depression and Denial

 - Aug 21, 2013
The speakers in this collection are each examining human emotions. These speeches cover subjects like regret, joy, depression, shame and denial. Some of these talks discuss rational thinking versus emotional thinking, while others instruct viewers on how to control their emotions.

Human lie-detector Paul Ekman gives an interesting speech on controlling emotional outbursts. Ekman states that people who have fewer emotional outbursts have more friends, because others like to surround themselves with stable people. He offers viewers tips and trick on how to keep from becoming angry over nothing.

Bryan Doerries discusses the healing power of drama in his speech about theater. He claims that people relate to characters in plays and are comforted by events that bring them together. In this way, drama can help people to heal.

Ron Gutman's speech explores the benefits of smiling. He claims that smiles make people seem more attractive, competent and generally overall healthy. He also claims that happy people live longer. Gutman says that smiles can indicate how long a person will live.

These emotion-focused speeches allow viewers to reflect on their own feelings, while offering some interesting insight.