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David Ropeik’s Rational Thinking Speech Encourages Reaso

 - Jul 13, 2013
References: dropeik & youtube
David Ropeik encourages people to do thorough research when making decisions in this rational thinking speech. He claims that people instinctively use emotions for decision making rather than assessing the facts in front of them. Ropeik suggests that people should use their impressive computer-like brains to make decisions rather than trusting gut feelings.

Ropeik discusses the importance of taking time to research important things before deciding how to handle them. He uses the HPV vaccine as an example. Before writing off a vaccination, Ropeik says it’s important to look up the effects of the vaccination and the effects of the disease in question.

Essentially, Ropeik urges people to put facts before feelings in order to make rational decisions. Following emotions and initial reactions is a part of human nature, but feelings can lie, which is why facts are so important.