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From Youthful Leaders to Inventing Groundbreaking Plans

 - May 16, 2012
Featured in this collection of speeches are some of the world's most inspiring entrepreneurial women. The roles these women occupy span across a variety of industries, each contributing to the empowerment of women and a better world in which young women can succeed.

Whether they are the CEO of a Fortune 500 company or of a small start-up in Africa, these women have kick-started their careers and are making a huge impact in the world.

Megan Mukaria is the founder of ZanaAfrica, an organization that equips young women and girls with access to sanitary pads and connects them to a community of other young women through social media.

Food entrepreneur and blogger Julie Hession encourages women to take risks in their career aspirations, because even if they encounter failure or setbacks, they will also be rewarded with invaluable lessons and experiences.

While the levels of success these entrepreneurial women have achieved may vary in the eyes of different people, they have all managed to to inspire themselves and others to pursue their individual goals in their professional and personal lives.