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From App-Powered Governments to Gaming and the Brain

 - Jun 5, 2012
This collection of speeches demonstrates how a wide range of industries can benefit by making the effort to embrace video games and to no longer view them as mindless distractions.

As the experts in these videos illustrate, gaming can be used to captivate consumers, revitalize a brand or engage students in a classroom.

While online gaming, mobile apps and video games have developed a rather negative reputation over the years as being a waste of time, distracting and addictive, experts and researchers have discovered a variety of unique ways businesses, brands and youth can actually benefit from this popular pastime.

As Johnny Lee demonstrates in his speech, By manipulating the way the remote for a video games works ever so slightly, it can be used to create an interactive whiteboard with touchscreen technology at a fraction of the cost of a head-mounted three-dimensional viewer.

Game designer Jane McGonigal explains how video games can be used to solve global challenges such as hunger and climate change, while Gabe Zicherman sees video games enabling childhood development and early learning.

Even large brands, as demonstrated by Will Wright, can benefit from gaming as it can entice customers and create memorable experiences between a consumer and a product.

These speeches all highlight how education, business and marketing are all transforming in different ways, ushering in a new wave of technology-driven tactics and patterns.