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From Making Climate Change Relevant to Environmentally Sustainable Economies

 - Apr 23, 2015
These Earth Day talks encourage environmental activism not just on April 22, but on every day of the year. Whether that means encouraging governments to take decisive steps to create binding global policies or ways businesses can promote green living, these speakers suggest a variety of ways to take action. The speeches also cover a variety of eco issues, such as climate change, food consumption and pollution.

In one of the Earth Day talks, former Vice President of the United States Al Gore discusses youth-oriented environmentalism and how current behavior will affect future generations. Sir Richard Branson's entrepreneurial keynote describes how eco-friendly practices provide the greatest opportunity in business. The Virgin Group founder emphasizes achieving a balance between consumption and conservation. In her green myths speech, Leyla Acaroglu presents an alternative opinion. The speaker discusses wasteful design and the need to question "green" options.

As evidenced by the Earth Day talks, corporate social responsibility and a personal sense of responsibility are two of many reasons why environmental sustainability is worth working towards.