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Stef Kranendijk's Circular Economy Speech Emphasizes Eco Design

 - Sep 19, 2013
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In his circular economy speech, Stef Kranendijk speaks to the validity of the cradle to cradle approach to sustainable business. According to Kranendijk, the world has a linear economy when we should be moving to one that is circular. Recycling is the key to this transition. In this system, everything is made so purely that each component can be recycled endlessly. This prevents the burning of oil, but also saves significant funds. In fact, it became evident through research that in the European Union alone, they would be able to save $630 billion through this creative process.

Using natural, biodegradable materials only makes sense if you employ this method, according to Kranendijk's circular economy speech. The former CEO of Desso recently left his position to implement this idea in other industries. While it is a lot of work to reroute the economy, it is one of vital importance.