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These Change Keynotes Explore Persuasion Across Industries

 - Jun 26, 2013
This collection of change keynotes analyzes a variety of persuasion methods and stories of significant influence across different industries. From how to make an idea stick to changing people's minds and the influence of particular brands, these speeches offer interesting perspectives from a medley of individuals.

One of the most noteworthy change keynotes comes from Andreas Ekstrom. The speaker examines the clout possessed by Google. He reveals that Google has the power -- 89% to be exact -- to control the results of online search queries.

Alexis Ohanian discusses the empowering capabilities of the Internet for people who want to build their own products. Traditionally, factories were required to build products to be sold, but the Internet now offers the means to do so to anyone. The Internet, as a whole, has completely transformed the way business is done.

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