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From Developing Strategic Rituals to Strategies in Wellness

 - Feb 7, 2013
Many people today struggle to balance work and life but this collection of speeches and keynotes offer tips to relieve people of career and life-related stresses and anxiety. Hearing from life coaches as well as prominent figures, these speeches provide specific tools, strategies and tips to apply to find that place of serenity in one's personal and professional life.

While Roy Spence's speech suggests finding a job with purpose as a way to temper stress and anxiety, world-renowned motivational speaker Anthony Robbins believes in the power of planning and developing strategic rituals to ease the chaos of working.

The legendary Guy Kawasaki encourages people to pursue joy in life first and to keep things as simple as possible in business matters. The tips featured here to balance work and life offer a combination of methods, strategies and anecdotes worth checking out.