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From Benefiting from Adversity to Exploiting Chaos

 - Dec 7, 2012
In this collection of speeches, Jeremy Gutsche and other forward-thinking industry leaders offer their tips for avoiding complacency in business. Gutsche, the founder and CEO of, warns brands and companies to not "be seduced by complacency" as it will result in an innovation rut. Companies that become too comfortable will run the risk of being taken over by smaller competitors.

Jim Turely, the CEO of Ernst & Young believes that the best way for avoiding complacency is business is to embrace change and uncertainty. Too often, according to Turley, businesses turn inward during times of turbulence, worry about what it is they have to lose instead of what they have to gain.

Eric Saperston discusses the benefits of working outside your comfort zone and constantly pushing yourself to the edge as a way to discover new opportunities.