Gain Access to the World's Most Exclusive Website With 5 Million Followers

By: Leslie Chen - Jun 11, 2011
References: theworldsmostexclusivewebsite & mashable
Even Internet users who call themselves Web savvy may not be able to get into the World's Most Exclusive website. Relying on Twitter to gain access to this website, you might find it difficult to get to the higher levels.

To gain initial entry into the World's Most Exclusive website, you must have a verified Twitter account. Entering an unverified Twitter account will result in the punishment of being redirected to the Olive Garden website. Once you enter the site, you can get into each level according to how many Twitter followers you have. To get to the end of the website, you need 5 million Twitter followers.

An amazing way to garner interest and attention, the World's Most Exclusive Website is like trying to get into a restaurant where you need reservations six months ahead by using your reputation on Twitter.