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Independence Day and Canada Day is over, so it's time for the French to celebrate their national holiday with the Auchentoshan 1999 Bordeaux Cask Matured.

For July 14th, the exclusive Auchentoshan 1999 Bordeaux Cask Matured is being released for Bastille Day. This is the only triple distilled single malt whiskey. The alcohol is made from French oak with a "pleasantly bitter sharpness that perfectly matches the sweet Auchentoshan," according to Viacomit. Other intoxicating aromas that will hit your palette include the brand's signature vanilla notes, layered fruit, wood spices and more.

If you're in France right now, take advantage of the Auchentoshan 1999 Bordeaux Cask Matured Bastille Edition. There's no better way to celebrate the French national holiday than with a bottle of fine whiskey as you party through the night.