From Overindulgent Pizza Burgers to Mountainous Pork Patties

By: Tana Makmanee - Published:
While choosing to eat out at your local fast food joint is definitely not the healthiest of options, these fattening fast food orders are taking these ordinary meals to a whole other level, showcasing burgers and dishes stuffed with calorie-bursting ingredients.

If you're willing to stray away from the more nutritious eateries by opting for a fast food joint, then why not go all-out and order their most outrageously fattening and over-the-top meal? While consuming your all-time favorite deep fried foods is certainly not something you should infuse in your everyday diet, savoring these fattening fast food recipes will surely give you a level of satisfaction at that moment.

From deep dish cheeseburger pizzas to burgers topped with more than a thousand layers of bacon, these fattening fast food orders will definitely provide diehard customers with a hefty challenge to face.