56 Artistic Baking Innovations
Photos of 56 Artistic Baking Innovations (Via: Full Article)

56 Artistic Baking Innovations Photos

Artistic baking innovations continue to evolve, despite the fact that people have been creating edible delights in ovens for centuries. This slideshow illustrates some of the most delicious, disturbing,…[More]

From Human Bread Heads to Sushi Cupcakes 1

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Cartoony Snack Boxes

1 Cartoony Snack Boxes

Miniature Canned Cakes

2 Miniature Canned Cakes

Artisanal Confection Packaging

3 Artisanal Confection Packaging

Geometric Popsicle Packaging

4 Geometric Popsicle Packaging

Organic Urban Skin Lines

5 Organic Urban Skin Lines

Fried Tofu Nuggets

6 Fried Tofu Nuggets