2014 Trend Report
Photos of 2014 Trend Report (Via: trendhunter)

2014 Trend Report Photos

Our 2014 Trend Reports are now out, which leads us to a favorite video that we do each year, highlighting 20 of our favorite new trends. Accordingly, these are the trends in 2014. If you want Trend...[More]

Our Favorite Trends for 2014 1

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Marriage Proposal Resumes

1 Marriage Proposal Resumes

Redesigned Bibles

2 Redesigned Bibles

Printed Photo Subscriptions

3 Printed Photo Subscriptions

Books on T-Shirts

4 Books on T-Shirts

Per-Mile Car Insurance

5 Per-Mile Car Insurance

Reusable E-Retail Packaging

6 Reusable E-Retail Packaging