Chocolate-Loving Social Businesses
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Chocolate-Loving Social Businesses Photos

From sustainable hand-carved sweets to fair trade cocoa, these chocolate-loving social businesses work on the sweet side of things, mostly through fair trade programs and sustainability initiatives....[More]

From Sustainable Hand-Carved Sweets to Fair Trade Cocoa 1

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Powerful Bomb Illustrations (UPDATE)

1 Powerful Bomb Illustrations (UPDATE)

Ethereal Ethical Handbags

2 Ethereal Ethical Handbags

Eco-Friendly School Supplies

3 Eco-Friendly School Supplies

Sustainable Wooden Sunglasses

4 Sustainable Wooden Sunglasses

Social Enterprise Storytelling Media

5 Social Enterprise Storytelling Media

Suvankar Mishra of eKutir (INTERVIEW)

6 Suvankar Mishra of eKutir (INTERVIEW)