Jeff Kluger

Jeff Kluger Keynotes - The Jeff Kluger keynotes focus on the importance of achieving and maintaining strong bonds within... Need Inspiration?

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Jeff Kluger discusses the importance of relationships in his siblings keynote and encourages people to re-engage with the most important people in their lives. Kluger believes that their is no more profound relationship than the one we can have with our siblings. He says that they are the only ones that are with us from beginning to end. He says that siblings exert the strongest sort of unit; a unit that can always be relied on for support.

Kruger also goes into the preferences parents take towards their children based on the sex of the child and whether they are the first or last born. He also goes into success rates and personality traits, which are very much dependent on birth order.

There are many important lessons you'll learn from having siblings such as conflict avoidance and resolution, when to stand up for yourself, when to stand down, love, loyalty, honesty and sharing, among many more.

With all of this in mind, Kluger tries to motivate an audience to get in touch with their siblings and make stronger efforts, so that they can fully experience that incredible bond.