Stefana Broadbent

Stefana Broadbent Keynotes - Stefana Broadbent's keynotes take on culture as we know it and contrast it with how we understand it... Need Inspiration?

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The Stefana Broadbent communication keynote shows that technology is in fact bringing people together, despite the common belief that it is disassociating them from real life. She has researched many different people, with many different types of relationships, and shares her findings on how their modern form of communication gives them a more intimate relationship.

Communication forms like IM, text, Skype, Facebook, and phone calls, allow people to cross global boundaries, which enables them to have intimate relationships despite distance. People are constantly sending messages to loved ones or friends, which Broadbent believes is a great and healthy thing. She thinks that institutions and workplaces that don't allow for this are actually blocking a greater sense of intimacy and she thinks that this shouldn't be allowed.

This communication keynote is an interesting speech on the debate over technology's effect over communication.