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Stephen Hemsley

Stephen Hemsley Keynotes - Stephen Hemsley's speeches explore the multifaceted and complex issues facing both the health and... Need Inspiration?

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This pharmaceutical keynote from Stephen Hemsely, the CEO of UnitedHealth Group, discusses the problems and challenges facing the health and pharmaceutical industries today in America. Hemsley believes that the pharmaceutical industry has a natural instinct for innovation. While this is an advantage for retailers and consumers, the innovation rarely reaches its full potential because of the relations between the market and the government.

More important than the enormous demands of consumers and retailers for more transparency, compliance and value, is the challenge created by the contention between the government and the market on the issue of health and health care delivery. Above all, the diverging views, goals and expectations of these two bodies creates the biggest challenge and obstacle in the effective delivery of care. Hemsley's pharmaceutical keynote offers a new perspective on the challenges in American health care.