Andrew Shatte

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Opening his meaningful connections keynote Andrew Shatte suggests that "resilience is the biggest predictor of who succeeds and who does not, who is happy and who isn't." A major wellspring of resilience is connection, the ability to connect with something bigger than ourselves.

That factors that many people claim to be important in regards to job satisfaction are often things like steady income, job stability, hire/fire power, etc. These types of qualities often fall under things related only to individual satisfaction at the cost of greater meaning. A staggering rise in job related depression is being witnessed despite the inclusion of the aforementioned occupational perks.

People are becoming more depressed because of a loss of connection. They are losing connection to their extended family, community, political institutions and personal spirituality. Andrew Shatte argues that "if your world is THE world then when you experience an adversity it's a speed bump, but if the world is YOU and you experience an adversity it's a major catastrophe." It is vital for one to foster their connections in order to find love and meaning in their day to day existence.