Graham Hill

Graham Hill Keynotes - The Graham Hill keynotes promote the need to downsize in society. Hill believes there exists a... Need Inspiration?

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In this intriguing diet keynote, Graham Hill, a man who considers himself to be an environmentalist, tells his audience why it was so hard for him to become a vegetarian even though he knew there were many arguments that provided evidence for why he should make the change. He offers his audience a possible solution that may work for those considering the diet but not able to make the commitment. In this powerful talk, Graham not only reveals facts that educate why meat production and consumption is environmentally harmful, cruel to animals and detrimental to our health, but also gives his solution for those who want to make a change without giving up on meat entirely. In this informative diet keynote, Graham Hill outlines all the steps one needs to know to take part in his weekday veg program and shows how we can feel better by making a healthy diet change in our life without having to sacrifice the foods we enjoy entirely.