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Andy Burnett

Andy Burnett Keynotes - The keynotes by Andy Burnett explore the effects of one's environment on their ability to work... Need Inspiration?

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Andy Burnett discusses the power of a physical environment to generate innovative ideas and solutions in this creative space speech. Burnett, who works for Knowinnovation, dedicates his career to facilitating creative thinking within companies, organizations and government and academic institutions.

Over the last 30 years, spaces intended for creative thinking and creative sharing have been developed. In recent years, these spaces are being built more and more to complement specific types of creative and innovative thinking, and to provide real experiences. Research shows that different spaces, away from cubicles, can have significant impacts on the solutions people come up with.

The only problem, however, is that a very small percentage of people in the world will ever experience this unusual and unique spaces. This isn't ideal, because many of the world's largest problems today require creative thinking and solutions.

Andy Barnett's creative space speech outlines why senior executives need to pay more attention to the type of environment he or she is creating for employees.