Cathy Brooks

Cathy Brooks Keynotes - The Cathy Brooks keynotes examine how individuals can best prepare for upcoming presentations. In... Need Inspiration?

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In this brief talk, President of 'Other Than That Consult' Cathy Brooks reveals how to best prepare for a presentation. She explains that the human mind has a large capacity to retain information and why that is vital when it comes to preparing for an important presentation.

Giving the viewer practical advice on strategies she uses to prepare for presentations, such as researching the subject matter and always having three to five bullet points for key ideas, Cathy shows how one can use her skills and presentation tools to their benefit. She also tells how it can be beneficial to take a deep breath before speaking before a crowd and how trying not to think too hard while she is on stage helps her with her own presentations. This short video talk with Cathy Brooks is informative and interesting, and will help viewers learn quick steps they can take to enrich their own presentation giving skills.