Captain Porter

Captain Porter Keynotes - The keynotes by Captain Porter (first name, Wayne) discuss the very popular article he co-wrote with... Need Inspiration?

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Military strategists Naval Captain Porter and Col. Mykleby of the Marines present their paper ‘A National Strategic Narrative,’ which incorporates their unique view for a renewed American foreign policy informed by their experience working at the highest level of government.

After being asked to write a paper on their vision for a national strategy, the two men found themselves shifting focus several times and eventually decided to steer away from the strategies that surrounded them. They shifted their focus to "the momentum and trajectory of the nation, where we are now and where we want to go now.” Naval Captain Porter and Col. Mykleby of the Marines describe their vision as aiming to go beyond 'threat and risk,' in favor of an opportunities-based, hopeful view for the future of America. The paper centered on two principles: prosperity and security.

‘A National Strategic Narrative’ became a fascinating collection of their progressive ideas, which focused less on military force and more on social capital and sustainable energy and agricultural.