Tony Seba

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Tony Seba has a driven passion for clean energy and the beneficial effects it will have in both and economic context and eco context. His complex views on the benefits of clean energy incorporate the highly strategic financial side of the process. As a professor of entrepreneurship at Stanford, Seba frequently develops his theories on applicable to both investors and the eco-army within government fields.

Seba has closely researched the the popular myths and underlying realities of solar power as a clean fuel. He argues that the future of solar energy is cheap and efficient, unlike the means of clean living which is currently being used. It is a misconception that rooftop solar panels are the main generators of the fuel. In contrast, large scale utility panels are generating more solar power than all of the panels within the United States.

The younger generation can look forward to inexpensive means of environmentally conscious energy sources. However, Seba encourages people of all demographics to invest their time in solar energy.