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Katie Cordrey is interested in EVERYTHING including the ways that we achieve a high tech - high touch balance in our lives.

What is unique that's not in your bio?
I own, and know how to use, a chainsaw.
What's your favorite accomplishment?
Being an entrepreneur. I think Andy Warhol was on to something when he said, "Being good in business is the most fascinating kind of art."
How do you define cool?
Cool starts as an "ah ha!" moment that so crackles with energy, it jumps personal bounds and excites others.
What is your secret to uncovering trends?
Uncovering trends is less a secret than a natural outcome of being persistently curious.
What do you enjoy most about Trend Hunter?
Confirmation of the fact that we humans are endlessly creative.
What is your favorite trend?
It's hard to pick favorites, but I like the move toward 'the commons.'
What are your tips for writing a juicy post?
Connect the reader to the story subject quickly, clearly, and emotively.
How do you reset to be creative?
I sleep. I also hike, once rested, physical exertion helps to restore balance and creativity.
What inspires or excites you?
I am inspired by the natural world.
Predict something awesome for 2020?
The 'workplace' will be a state of mind, not an office.

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