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Born in the USA, moved to Israel in my early 20's. I was the kid that had to take everything apart in order to understand how it works. That drive hasn't stopped and I am endlessly curious about almost everything, especially the new and cutting-edge. I have many years of experience as a technical writer here in Israel's Silicon Wadi, having written in a variety of hitech areas.

How do you define cool?
By those who were cool before it was cool to be cool, therefore defining cool in their respective domains. We now can usually identify them by either their first name, last name or initials. Newton/Galileo/Einstein, Buddha/Gandhi/MLK, Beethoven/Mozart/Bach, Archimedes/ Da Vinci/Tesla, Kafka/Sartre/Vonnegut, Moses/Jesus/JFK, Guthrie/Dylan/Cash/Springsteen, Monet/Picasso/Warhol/ Bansky, Marx/Karl,/Groucho/Chico/Harpo/OK, not Zeppo, etc.
What inspires or excites you?