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I'm a young cow licked canuck with a deft drawing hand and a deep-seated love of Ren & Stimpy.

What is unique that's not in your bio?
I don't always wear silly hats.
What's your favorite accomplishment?
Sober karaoke.
How do you define cool?
Being yourself and not worrying about the critics.
What is your secret to uncovering trends?
Learning about the people because they are the ones that ultimately decide whether it is worth being a trend.
What do you enjoy most about Trend Hunter?
That it defies the age old saying: "You learn something new everyday". On Trend Hunter you learn much more than that.
What is your favorite trend?
What are your tips for writing a juicy post?
Make the topic about bubble gum :/
How do you reset to be creative?
Dust off those archaic hand tools called pencils and do as those people from the 90s did.
What inspires or excites you?
Neurotransmitters; especially serotonin and dopamin.
Predict something awesome for 2020?
Collective knowledge ingestible in pill form! That might be a little later though.

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